Comic con speed dating 45 online dating questions

20-Aug-2017 08:14

I didn't end up going to the one listed at Comic Con, assuming it was going to be 90% men there.

Any information would be good to know, the format etc... Was at a Comic Con but it could easily be adapted for Gen Con.

I ended up with only one mutual match, but it just so happens that the guy was really awesome!

He was interesting and seemed interested in what I had to say which doesn’t always happen with people that you might even think you have a connection with.

I didn't see anything about this at Gen Con, but when I went to Comic Con they had something like this.

Anyone have any experience with how this went at Comic Con and any interest if someone were to host it at Gen Con?

I was surprised to learn how many of the guys regularly go to cons, and also that they feel like C2E2 is their favorite convention (it’s mine too).

And if I can meeting 15 dudes in 90 minutes and try to make a connection, why not?

I must also make clear that although I always planned about sharing my experience, I did not attend the session just to write about it.

After that, there was a table with papers for each side with the numbers on them.

The women would find the pages with the number of the men they liked and write their contact info on them and vice-versa. We're getting married in October :) ~Komori Speed dating? Fat white guy in CA with great job and -very- fluffy cat but also with impossibly high standards seeks woman for dating and dice/cards. As the evening went on, 3 minutes went faster and faster, and by the end of the session, it felt like there was barely even time for introductions.

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