Cop rules for dating daughter

19-Jan-2018 17:51

KING: Fort Worth kin's arrest was not just ‘rude,’ it was racist “Officer Martin violated state and departmental rules and policies by using excessive force, being disrespectful, and failing to thoroughly investigate a criminal offense,” Fitzgerald wrote in a letter to the city's Civil Service Commission.The officer will also undergo training before he returns to his duties, the newspaper reported.Kepler goes on trial for the fourth time in less than a year in the 2014 fatal shooting of his daughter’s black boyfriend.

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Officer William Martin has been suspended for 10 days without pay for his actions during the incident with Jacqueline Craig and her family, the Fort Worth Police Department announced.

Cole] For your eyes, for your eyes only For your eyes, for your eyes only For your eyes, do you understand? Cole] One day your daddy called me, told me he had a funny feeling What he'd been dealing with lately, he wasn't telling I tried to pick his brains, still he wasn't revealing But I could feel the sense of panic in his voice And it was chilling, he said: "Jermaine, I knew you since we was children I never asked for nothing, when times was hard I never had discussions with you, begging you to help me I dealt with the repercussions of my actions I know you tried to steer me 'way from that shit But that shit was in my blood, you know my life I know your momma, nigga, send my love In case I never get a chance to speak again I won't forget the weekends spent sleeping at your crib That's the way I wished my family lived But my granny crib was in the 'jects" I had to interject like: "Nigga, what you talking 'bout? " He said, "Listen, I got no time to dive into descriptions But I been having premonitions Just call it visions from the other side I got a feeling I won't see tomorrow Like the time I'm living on is borrowed With that said, the only thing I'm proud to say, I was a father Write my story down, and if I pass Go play it for my daughter when she ready" And so I'm leaving you this record, for your eyes only Don't you ever scratch or disrespect it This perspective is a real one, another lost 'Ville son I dedicate these words to you and all the other children Affected by the mass incarceration in this nation That sent your pops to prison when he needed education Sometimes I think that segregation would've done us better Although I know that means that I would never Be brought into this world 'cause my daddy was so thrilled When he found him a white girl to take back to Jonesboro With 'lil Zach and Cole World, barely one years old Now it's thirty years later, making sure this story's told Girl, your daddy was a real nigga, not 'cause he was cold Not because he was the first To get some pussy twelve years old Not because he used to come through In the Caddy on some vogues Not because he went from bagging up Them grams to serving O's Nah, your daddy was a real nigga, not 'cause he was hard Not because he lived a life of crime and sat behind some bars Not because he screamed, "Fuck the law" Although that was true Your daddy was a real nigga cause he loved you For your eyes only “4 Your Eyez Only” serves as a message to Cole’s newborn daughter, and recounts memories for the daughter of a childhood friend.