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"For example—a lot of this is still early days, so a lot of this is still open to change and everything—but when we look at our combat system, we’re [asking], 'what about traditional top-down Zelda-style gameplay? How can we refine that, how can we bring that forwards?

'" Like Wargroove, Chucklefish is looking to modernise rather than just borrow.

" says Molly Carroll, community and marketing manager at Chucklefish.

"We went really deep, it’s quite scary," laughs Brice.

"I like to put it down to everyone [getting] excited about the magic school flavour of the month, so if this was ten years ago it would have been, 'oh this is just like Harry Potter' and now it’s, 'this is just like Little Witch Academia.' In ten years [it’d] be something else."There's no better time for a game like this, and these early looks at the game's world and characters have produced a pretty amazing reaction.

Look out for my upcoming Chucklefish profile piece on PCG in the near future, where the team discusses the idea of being commercially minded as an indie developer, how the studio picks its future projects and more.

Wargroove is referred to as a smaller Chucklefish project, relatively speaking—six or seven people are working on it, with a release date targeted for early next year.

Meanwhile, around nine or ten people are already working on Spellbound, and like Wargroove, it's partly inspired by games from old Nintendo consoles.

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During the interview, the staff referred to this project as 'Spellbound', a working title that's been doing the rounds for a while now, so that's how I'll refer to the game here.This is still very early on in development—founder and director Finn Brice says a formal announcement is "maybe quite a way off", and suggests that it's around a three-to-four year project in total.Chucklefish is happy to talk about the game now because its developers like being transparent about their creative process, in what's often a bizarrely secretive industry."We know about the larger, overarching world stuff," says Brice. It’s not trying to be high fantasy, it’s not trying to tell a particularly dramatic story.

It's in that Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley vein of, here’s a world, enjoy being in it, learn something from it, maybe make it your own a bit.You might get a few hard knocks.""We want people to say, 'oh, this is too real.

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