Dating violence facts and myths

26-Oct-2017 21:57

(Dutton, The Dynamics of Domestic Violence, 1994) In addition, most victims of domestic violence are not mentally ill, although individuals with mental disabilities are certainly not immune from being abused by their spouses or intimate partners.Some victims of domestic violence suffer psychological effects, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or depression, as a result of being abused.Fact: Most victims of domestic violence desperately want the abuse to end, and engage in various survival strategies, including calling the police or seeking help from family members, to protect themselves and their children.(Dutton, The Dynamics of Domestic Violence, 1994) Silence may also be a survival strategy in some cases.FACT: Domestic violence is a problem regardless of race, socioeconomic class, and geographic location.In rural areas, physical isolation makes it easier for the abuser to hide the crime and more difficult for the victim to access resources.Fact: This characterization of battered women as mentally ill stems from the assumption that victims of domestic violence must be sick or they would not "take" the abuse.

Fact: Traditional theories presumed that individuals with adequate self-esteem would not "allow" themselves to be abused by intimate partners or spouses.Since the risk of further violence often increases after victims separate from their abusers, it can be even harder for victims to leave if they cannot obtain effective legal relief.