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16-Sep-2017 21:26

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The high female population is thought to be down to China’s one child policy, which has created a bit of a gender imbalance between the sexes.

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When he finally got up the courage to approach me his pick up line was "I want to f#*$ you" followed by "I REALLY want to f you" when I just stared at him).But they prefer the arrangement as it is better than being lonely, the women’s rights group added.It is thought that most women living in the city see their lifestyle as temporary, and simply a necessary evil before they return home to get married.Other than that, I love Chengdu and would stay forever, but it can be lonely & I find local Chinese guys tend to be rather traditional (I'm politely saying narrow minded and somewhat perverted) and the foreign guys are generally either gross or taken (love sleeping around or basically practically married already).

I'm not saying everyone but enough that I've given up trying here.The whole "asian fetish" vibe has dissipated somewhat except in some key trashy demographics)What are people my age doing in SZ?