Middle school dating game script

03-Jul-2017 22:55

This introduces the unit and project that they will determine for themselves: what risks do they chose to take and what is the probability of injury for that activity, based on research?

After discussing this topic, the students are asked to rate various activities they may engage in according to the risks involved.

The project will last a month with sufficient time, approximately an hour a week, plus homework.

Summary: The classroom of eighth grade science students is abuzz with activity and collaboration. Perrotta, has introduced the idea of risk comparison and analysis to the class shortly after the students have returned from their winter recess, wherein several of the students have suffered injuries on their skateboards or while skiing.

Having elicited their thoughts and opinions about the safety factors that effect them everyday at the middle school, the teacher has introduced the class to the concept of risk comparison and analysis.

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The students began the unit when their curiosity about school injuries and causes led them to discuss why certain things are banned by the school rules and how these rules are made.

A resource aide works with students requiring additional help.

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