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2017-09-01 ~National Free Beacon: The Irrelevant Democrats, by Matthew Continetti 2017-08-31 ~National WT: Southern Poverty Law Center, the Left's premier hate group, by Wesley Pruden 2017-08-24 ~Potpourri Telegraph: 3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet remaps math history, by Sarah Knapton 2017-08-21 ~National WT: All aboard the censor ship -- Editorial 2017-08-20 ~National WT: Replacing the Republican Party, by Angelo M.

Codevilla 2017-08-18 ~World , by Joshua Philipp 2017-08-18 ~National NRA: Justice Department Terminates and Repudiates 'Operation Chokepoint' 2017-08-16 ~National WT: Intolerance is the game the fearful and frightened play, by Suzanne Fields 2017-08-15 ~National WT: Teaching history amid America's history gap, by Deborah Simmons 2017-08-15 ~National Daily Caller: Corporations Increasingly Serve As Arbiters Of Public Morality 2017-08-14 ~National Squawker: Leftist Identity Politics Caused the Violence in Charlottesville 2017-08-13 ~National WT: Beware the Obamacare industrial complex, by Stephen Moore 2017-08-13 ~National WT: Google favors 'diversity' over technical innovation, by Rebecca Hagelin 2017-08-13 ~Environmt CFACT: Life in fossil-fuel-free utopia, by Paul Driessen 2017-08-09 ~National , by Wax & Alexander 2017-08-07 ~Environmt WT: Men's sperm count drops dramatic 52 percent, by Renee Garfinkel 2017-08-07 ~Environmt WT: The high cost of unreliable power, by Benjamin Zycher 2017-08-06 ~National Epoch Times: Watchdog Group Threatens Lawsuit Over Voter Fraud in California 2017-08-03 ~National WT: Illegals cost taxpayers nearly 0 billion over lifetime, by Stephen Dinan FCTA: Tom Cranmer nixes ethanol in gasoline at EPA hearing 2017-07-31 ~Potpourri Daily Caller: George Soros, the 'Anti-Fascist' Fascist, by Dinesh D'Souza 2017-07-31 ~Environmt Daily Caller: Australian Bureau of Meteorology caught erasing cold temperatures 2017-07-27 ~Health Epoch Times: Rethinking the War on Salt, by Conan Milner 2017-07-23 ~National Fx Free Citizen: The War in the Courts, by Gary Porter 2017-07-18 ~National , by Michael Giere 2017-07-16 ~Environmt WT: Anti-frackers exploited for Russia's gain, by Dan Boylan 2017-07-12 ~World Epoch Times: 200 Million Women and Girls Forced with Female Genital Mutilation 2017-07-12 ~National WT: Conservative parents turn away from universities, by Bradford Richardson 2017-07-11 ~Potpourri WT: The values of the West ARE the best, by Clifford D.

company creates first sheets to prevent bed sores, by L.

Rife 2016-10-20 ~States American Interest: Where Increased Education Spending REALLY Goes -- Pension debt 2016-10-20 ~National WT: Trump campaign rally disrupter is an Alinsky protege, by Kelly Riddell 2016-10-19 ~National WT: When character is in season -- a presidential perspective, by Suzanne Fields 2016-10-18 ~State-GA WT: Georgia's criminal justice reform saving lives and money, by Gov.

Pollak 2017-03-01 ~Potpourri WT: The decline and fall of the American elite, by Victor Davis Hanson 2017-03-01 ~National Epoch Times: Sanctuary Policies Shield Convicted Criminals From Feds 2017-03-01 ~National Daily Mail: Obama and Valerie Jarrett plan Trump insurgency from Kalorama FCTA: Play notes and chords on your computer, by David Swink 2017-02-23 ~National Epoch Times: Immigration Economics, by Valentin Schmid 2017-02-23 ~Health Epoch Times: Why Getting Dirty Is Good for Your Health, by Lynn Jaffee 2017-02-22 ~Potpourri CNS News: Georgetown University OK with Slavery and Rape, by Bill Donohue 2017-02-22 ~National WT: Feds no longer push transgender bathrooms, leave to states, by B.

Richardson 2017-02-20 ~National Wa Po: Trump advisor views Islam itself as the problem, by Greg Jaffe (Horrified!

by design, by Monica Crowley 2016-10-23 ~National Zero Hedge: Podesta Email Exposes Playbook for Rigging Polls via "Oversamples" Is War Imminent?

, by FCTA's Thomas Cranmer 2016-10-23 ~Health Roanoke Times: Va.

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Accepting the NEJM cookie is necessary to use the website.-- Opposing editorials 2016-11-08 ~National AMAC: Democrats vs Republicans on 10 Key Issues -- from official party platforms 2016-11-07 ~National PJ Media: Expansive George Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections 2016-11-07 ~National CNS News: Gov't Workers Now Outnumber Manufacturing Workers by 9,977,000 2016-11-06 ~National Examiner: The death of elitism, by Saleno Zito 2016-11-05 ~National Examiner: How 2016 changed the news media, by Eddie Scarry 2016-11-02 ~National Examiner: Illegal trial lawyer donations lift Democrats' finances 2016-10-xx ~National , by Edward J.Erler 2016-10-31 ~National Peter Thiel, on why he supports Donald Trump for President -- Video () 2016-10-29 ~National Daily Beast: Muslim Reformer Smeared as 'Anti-Muslim Extremist', by Maajid Nawaz 2016-10-26 ~National WT: Obamacare is collapsing ...May 2017-07-10 ~National WT: The dirty secret behind the Senate's Obamacare quandary, by Angelo Codevilla 2017-07-10 ~Health The Rising Cost of Health Care & Causes, by Year, by Kimberly Amadeo 2017-07-09 ~States WT: Marching to the poorhouse (Illinois vs Kansas) -- Editorial 2017-07-06 ~Potpourri JWR: The sequence to success, by George Will 2017-07-06 ~Potpourri Crisis Mag: Disturbing Portrait of Present-Day American Left, by Stephen Krason FCTA: The Three Reasons Republicans Never Cut Taxes, by Arthur Purves 2017-07-03 ~Potpourri WT: Fourth of July 100 years ago made familiar headlines, by Nicole Ault 2017-07-03 ~Potpourri WT: Sanders, wife accused of shady financial dealings, by Seth Mc Laughlin 2017-07-03 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Reclaiming Our History to Mend Our Culture, by Sharon Kilarski 2017-07-02 ~Environmt CFACT: The monumental environmental impacts of going 'Green', by Paul Driessen 2017-06-xx ~National , by Michael Goodwin 2017-06-30 ~States Fox News: Dem state officials refusing to cooperate with Trump voter fraud probe 2017-06-29 ~Health BW: The Crazy Math Behind Drug Prices, by Paul Barrett & Robert Langreth 2017-06-28 ~World Ars Technica: Petya-2017 ransomware is actually a disk wiper, by Dan Goodin 2017-06-28 ~Potpourri Reason TV: People Will Die! Moseley 2017-06-03 ~Environmt Examiner: Green religion - justification by climate faith alone -- Editorial 2017-06-02 ~National Catholic How conservative ideas are censored, by Phil Lawler 2017-06-01 ~State-IL BW: S, Moody's Downgrade Illinois to Near Junk, by Elizabeth Campbell 2017-06-01 ~Environmt WT: Trump rescues U. from Obama's Paris climate accord, by Ben Wolfgang 2017-05-31 ~National WT: Obama's 2016 regulations cost economy trillion a year, by David Sherfinski 2017-05-24 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Dark Origins of Communism: Part 1, 2, and 3, by Joshua Philipp 2017-05-24 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: Insects Are Making Their Way Into the American Diet, by Emel Akan 2017-05-22 ~Potpourri Ars Technica: 'Emergent gravity' theory offers alternative to 'dark matter' 2017-05-20 ~National Examiner: Where Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome comes from, by Ying Ma 2017-05-19 ~National OANN: The Mysterious Death of Seth Rich (Video ) 2017-05-18 ~National WT: Why swamp fever must be cured, by Stephen B.

, by Remy Munasifi (video ) 2017-06-28 ~Health Epoch Times: In Defense of Fat, by Justina Reichel 2017-06-26 ~Potpourri UK Sun: Meet 'the most armed man in America', by Jon Lockett 2017-06-26 ~National Project Veritas: CNN admits their Trump-Russia narrative is FAKE NEWS 2017-06-26 ~Health UK Mirror: Regular sex 'can help prevent heart disease' in men, by Pat Hagan 2017-06-26 ~Health UK Express: To live to 100, eat less sugar, by Sarah Westcott 2017-06-24 ~Potpourri WT: A guidebook for Christians experiencing cultural vertigo -- Book review 2017-06-22 ~National WT: Susan Rice malfeasance locked in Obama's archive, by Dan Boylan, Guy Taylor 2017-06-22 ~National WT: For Democrats, the party's over and no place to call home, by Wesley Pruden 2017-06-22 ~National WT: Report says 1.4 million illegals working under stolen SSNs, by Stephen Dinan 2017-06-21 ~National WT: Nearly 30% of illegal immigrant children at border have ties to MS-13, gangs 2017-06-19 ~National WT: Study of non-citizen votes close to Trump's number, by Rowan Scarborough 2017-06-15 ~Health BW: American Chipmakers Outsourced Toxicity Problem, by Cam Simpson 2017-06-14 ~National Wa Po: Another MSM-inspired Bernie supporter guns down GOP in Alexandria 2017-06-14 ~National Ars Technica: Navy may resurrect retired Perry-class frigates, by Sean Gallagher 2017-06-14 ~National Epoch Times: Bank Money - 'The Root of All Evil', by Valentin Schmid 2017-06-04 ~Environmt Fx Free Citizen: 31,487 U. Presser 2017-05-18 ~National WT: Anything goes in the Great American Snipe Hunt, by Wesley Pruden 2017-05-18 ~National Free Beacon: 7.2 Million Voter Registrations Are Duplicated in Multiple States 2017-05-13 ~World Guardian: 'Accidental hero' finds kill switch to stop spread of WCry ransomware 2017-05-08 ~National WT: Professor out after fighting Duke's racism 'training', by Bradford Richardson 2017-05-07 ~National WND: Obama tripled 'unmaskings' in 2016 election year, by Garth Kant 2017-05-04 ~National WT: Republicans eat another 'crap sandwich' on health care, by Charles Hurt 2017-05-04 ~National WT: FBI finds 'de-policing after anti-cop hostility, by Valerie Richardson 2017-05-02 ~National WT: Ann Coulter and campus outrage, by R. 2017-04-xx ~National , by Kimberley Strassel 2017-04-23 ~National WT: Presidential popularity parallels dollar strength, by S. Tammy 2017-04-17 ~Health WT: Type 2 diabetes on rise in minorities, young people, by Laura Kelly 2017-04-16 ~National WT: Democrats latching onto 'completely false' (Dem-funded) Russia dossier 2017-04-13 ~Potpourri Epoch Times: The Somewheres vs the Anywheres -- Book review, by Simon Veazey 2017-04-12 ~National Sun Gazette: Single-payer is the exact wrong way to go, by Donna Hurlock, M. 2017-04-06 ~World ANC Report: The Long Stench of Syria's "Gas Attack" Fake News, by Michael Darr 2017-04-06 ~National -- 100 Years Later 2017-04-05 ~National Tablet Mag: The Obama Spying Scandal Started Long Before Trump, by Lee Smith 2017-04-03 ~National NY Post: The Russia 'scandal' now looks like a Team Obama operation -- Editorial 2017-04-02 ~State-RI WT: Rhode Island's successful Medicaid experiment, by Stephen Moore 2017-04-02 ~National WT: Trump should inflict Obamacare on members of Congress -- Editorial 2017-04-01 ~Potpourri JHU Mag: The internet of bad things, by Jenna Mc Laughlin , by Daniel Greenfield 2017-03-23 ~Potpourri TIME: The Home of the Future, by Karl Vick 2017-03-23 ~National WT: Social warriors, sometimes, by Kelly Riddell 2017-03-19 ~National WT: Maryland county's count suggests noncitizens voting across U. 2017-03-17 ~Health Ars Technica: Genome study reveals human groups evolved to eat different diets 2017-03-16 ~National WT: Transgendered child abuse, by Kelly Riddell 2017-03-16 ~National WT: The hateful idea of hate crime -- Editorial 2017-03-15 ~Environmt Climate Depot: Obama 'stashed' B in 'climate money'to elude budget cuts 2017-03-14 ~State-FL WT: Retired Air Force captain demonstrates how to hold local officials accountable 2017-03-14 ~National WT: Number of sanctuary cities nears 500 (listed here), by Stephen Dinan 2017-03-09 ~Potpourri Examiner: The upsides and downsides to eliminating paper money, by Kevin Cochrane 2017-03-09 ~Potpourri American Mirror: Obama's two birth certificates, by Kyle Olson 2017-03-09 ~Health New Atlas: Low-gluten diets linked to increased risk of diabetes, by Rich Haridy 2017-03-07 ~National Daily Signal: House Republican Health Care Bill Misses the Mark, by Ed Haislmaier 2017-03-04 ~Health Ars Technica: New non-addictive opioid works only where it hurts, by Beth Mole 2017-03-03 ~National Breitbart: Mark Levin says Obama conducting 'Silent Coup' vs Trump, by J. uses cookies to improve performance by remembering your session ID when you navigate from page to page.