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In these cases, immediate refunds initiated by you through Amazon Payments are the easiest and best course of action to resolve the problem.If the item has been shipped or if you believe isn't materially different from how it's described in the item listing, then it's best for you to respond as quickly as possible and represent your version of what happened with the order or item.You can contact us using our Contact Us e-mail form, and should include the order number for the transaction you would like refunded. However, if you don't respond to a claim, you're automatically held responsible, and reimbursement for the claim will be debited from your account.If you believe you should not be held responsible for the claim, we suggest you respond as quickly as possible to the claim notification and represent your version of the transaction.For most claims, after receiving notification a claim has been filed, you have a prescribed number of days to respond to Amazon, but the sooner the better.It's very important that you respond immediately and explain what happened with the order, since part of this process involves assessing whether you are accountable for the problem.It is important for you to provide as much additional, relevant, and "compelling" information about the transaction or specific actions taken regarding the transaction, including, but not limited, to: In some cases, Amazon may initiate a buyer reimbursement while still working through the claim investigation with you.If you need to initiate a refund for you buyer, but you are unable to locate a link to refund the transaction, you'll need to contact Amazon directly to request assistance in initiating the refund.

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Items are considered "materially different" in these circumstances: *Exception: Club editions of audio CDs should be listed against the detail page for the standard edition of the CD, even if the UPCs of the two editions are different, if the following criteria are met: 1) the content on both editions is identical and 2) a page with the UPC for the club edition does not already exist in the Amazon catalog. When submitting an A-to-z Guarantee claim with the reason "materially different," the buyer will need to select one of the reasons above and provide comments explaining why the item they received is materially different from the item they purchased.You can also go to the "A-to-z Guarantee Claims" link in your Seller Account to respond to claims.

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