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Plenty of successful actors, artists, writers, and athletes have been rejected numerous times.JK Rowling (you know, the author of Harry Potter) was rejected 12 times for Harry Potter.Even I find it hard to believe sometimes -- except that it really DID happen to me.And not because I'm good-looking, rich, sexy, or drive a fancy car either...Hang on -- there's a secret hiding in this story, and you're not gonna want to miss it. Did you know the ratio of men to women at most online dating sites is heavily tilted in women's favor?[States 65% of their members are female] Women have a virtual buffet of men to choose from -- while men have to scramble for whatever scraps they can get.

Any reasonably attractive woman who posts a profile online instantly gets DOZENS of responses... What does a woman usually do when she gets bombarded with emails? Not one to easily give up, I took matters into my own hands.

Typically, she'll start mass deleting the emails and unless your email contains SOMETHING that grabs her attention, yours gets deleted as well. But I was determined NOT to have to face the 'old-fashioned' way of meeting women again -- in clubs, bars, social events, etc. I decided to use a strategy that no one had ever used before... Because I'm a direct response marketer by profession, I decided to take a "scientific approach" to online dating.

My ego was not willing to take that kind of rejection again. You see, with every marketing campaign, 'testing' is absolutely essential in order to find out which elements of the campaign are working (so that you can do more of them), and which elements are not (so you can stop doing them).

I did stupid things — ridiculous things — to keep him involved in my life, but to my surprise none of it worked.

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All the while, if I just accepted the rejection to begin with, I could have spent all that time striving towards a relationship with someone else who did in fact want to be with me. I didn’t understand how I could get anyone else to want me, but that is the point of dealing with rejection after all. You have to let it pick you right back up — higher than you’ve ever been before — and motivate you to get what you want.I thought they were the answer to my miserable, dateless existence.

But we have met up since and it is now perfectly OK.’ Eve was, indeed, subjected to seeing her husband starring in a number of steamy scenes across many of his films after Trainspotting.… continue reading »

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This site even has message boards that help you keep up with people you have met during chatting or meet someone new.… continue reading »

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The Georgetown University grad is said to be basing his A Star is Born adaptation on the 1976 version starring Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand.… continue reading »

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